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24-Hour Elderly Home Care: Why You Should Choose It?

Are you struggling to care for your elderly loved one? If so, you are not alone! 

Living with elderly loved ones is not always easy. This is especially true for those who have busy work and home schedules. It becomes difficult to give them the complete attention they need. This lack of attention can be detrimental to the health of your elderly loved ones. Moreover, it can also make you resent your elderly loved one over time. 

Now, this is not what you would want for your aging parents or any other loving elderly. After all, they also deserve a life of independence, respect, and integrity. And that’s where 24-hour home care services Nottingham come into play. 

How is 24 Hour-Care Different than Live-In Care?

Whether you have been searching for 24-hour elderly care or not, you might have heard about different types of elderly care services. One of them that most people confuse with 24-hour care is live-in care. However, to give the best idea about 24-hour care, we will give you a brief comparison between both these services. 

24-Hour Elderly Care

In simple terms, 24-hour home care includes two or more caregivers working in shifts to take of your elderly. There won’t be a single minute where your elderly would be left without assistance. In 24-hour home care, caregivers are always available, whether day or night. This is the biggest benefit of 24-hour home care. 

live in home care

24-hour home care is especially beneficial for those elderly who may wander at night. And having an alert caregiver will help your elderly from losing their way or hurting themselves. Since the caregivers work shifts, they are always refreshed and ready to tackle any situation. 

Live-In Care

On the other hand, live-in care will include one trained and certified caregiver who lives in the house and takes care of them during the day. The caregiver will be given a sleep break to ensure they are alert and refreshed during the day. 

The biggest benefit of live-in care is that your elderly loved one will be familiar with the caregiver and connect with them on an emotional level. This is essential to maintain their mental and emotional well-being. Familiarity with live-in care can provide added benefits to the elderly with dementia. 

Signs Your Elderly Needs 24-Hour Home Care

24 hour home care

If you are unsure whether you should contact a reputable 24-hour home care agency Nottingham, here are the signs you should look for. 

  • Have you recently noticed that your loving elderly had been “wetting” the bed? Or other such mishaps are frequently happening? If yes, your elderly is unable to reach the bathroom without assistance. And hence, they might need 24-hour home care. 
  • Frequent trips and falls cause bruising. If you notice an increased number of such bruising, your elderly might need 24-hour home care. 
  • Do they wander around and away from home frequently? Get 24-hour home care. 
  • Dementia takes years away from the life of the elderly. However, it also takes away their ability to comprehend their surroundings. If you find them getting increasingly confused, get them 24-hour home care now. 
  • Are your aging parents living alone? They might feel lonely and frustrated taking care of themselves. In such cases, get them 24-hour home care. This way, they can receive compassionate care. 
  • Have they recently moved back home from the hospital or rehabilitation? They might need extra care and assistance in day-to-day activities while also recovering. 24-hour home care is the best way to handle this situation. 
  • If they need assistance to eat or drink or they have mobility issues, they will definitely need 24-hour home care. 

If you notice these signs, your elderly loved one needs 24-hour home care immediately. And you can get in touch with us at Ready Care

We are amongst the leading home care agencies in Nottingham, providing compassionate and professional home care services to the elderly in the region. We provide 24-hour home care services in the region, ensuring your elderly loved one is always supervised with the best services. 

Contact us now to learn more about elderly care services.

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