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6 Types of Elderly Care Services in the UK

Ageing is inevitable. However, based on your health and lifestyle, you can either be highly active and fit or may need intensive help and care. 

No matter your health status in old age, there is a type of care available in the UK for you. There are different types of elderly domiciliary care services that fulfil different care needs. 

In this blog, let’s take a look at 6 types of elderly care services in the UK. This will allow you to make an informed choice for yourself or your elderly loved ones. 

Assisted Living

This type of elderly care can be different based on the required assistance. However, most of the time, it will include moving to an assisted living home. This assisted living home can either be a large area with apartments or a single old age home. It may or may not have recreational and medical facilities on-site. 

This type of care is best for people who need constant assistance with things or at least the assurance that someone capable is around. 

elderly care services

Independent Living

If your elderly loved one is active and fit but wants to have a sense of community with people of the same age, independent living is the best option. This type of elderly care is for those who don’t need intensive assistance and can take care of themselves. 

Independent living provides a sense of togetherness and helps the elderly combat the feeling of loneliness effectively. With people of the same age around, they can interact and improve their mental health. 

In-home care

Is your elderly loved one suffering from a complex health issue? Do they have a treatment process that can be given at home efficiently? If so, in-home care might be a good option. In this type of elderly care, a certified and professional caregiver stays at home either all day or in shifts. 

The professional caregiver will help with daily chores and moving around the house. Moreover, they will also ensure the treatment and medicines are given at the right time. You can find in-home care services at leading home care agencies in Nottingham.

Nursing care

In this type of care, certified and professional nurses offer medical care to an elderly loved one. Nursing care will usually be tailored to the needs of the elderly loved one. For example, dementia care, physical disability care, mental health condition care, sensory impairment care, and more. 

General old care is also included in nursing care. This will include taking care of the regular medical needs of the elderly. 

elderly care services

Daycare or temporary care

Is your elderly loved one recuperating from surgery? Or do they need specific care to overcome an illness? Daycare or temporary care is the best option. 

In this type of care, the elderly can go to residential home care for care services from a professional caregiver. This type of care can be taken for a few hours during the day. 

Palliative Care

Is your elderly loved one suffering from a terminal illness or long-term illness? In this case, they will need Palliative care. This type of care is specialized in offering pain management services. For example, in Parkinson’s palliative care, the care service will offer complete medical care and ensure all medication is taken on time, followed by timely appointments. 

Palliative care also includes end-of-life care. This ensures the person comfortably passes through the last stages of their life. 

Bottom Line

There are different types of elderly care services available in the UK. Based on your needs, you can choose the type of elderly care. 

At Ready Care, we offer in-home care, urgent care, palliative care, dementia care, and more to the elderly or anyone who needs it. Our professional caregivers will ensure your loved one is safe and stays as healthy as possible. 

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