Dementia Care for Elderly


No one feels good when they see their loved ones with dementia. A person with dementia is getting away from society and what’s happening. And that could be painful for their loved ones.

We believe that the symptoms of dementia can vary significantly from one individual to another. Thus, we take a personalised and sympathetic approach. Encouragement and comfort can be gained from a routine and familiar surroundings, and a home filled with memories can be priceless.

dementia care services
dementia care services

This helps the caregiver connect with the person they are caring for and allows them to jog old memories, which can lead to the formation of ties and interests in mutual.

We Take a Look at the Person as a Whole

Our caregivers have received extensive training in dementia care, and we support the use of a wide variety of specialised approaches and procedures to assist in maintaining your loved one’s sense of contentment and engagement. We devote a lot of time to learning about the individual entrusted to our care, including what makes them think, their hobbies, and how they prefer things to be organised.

At Ready Care, our caregivers will collaborate closely with you to help us gain a comprehensive understanding of the background of your cherished one and determine the most effective means of meeting their individual need for assistance. 

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A Private Care Plan For Dementia Patients

To get an accurate history and description of present concerns, a conversation or interview with a family member or caretaker is always desirable and often required.

Patients with dementia will have an individualised private day care service plan for elderly that details their unique characteristics and experiences. The goal of this dementia care approach is to make life more pleasant for those with dementia by making them appear to be communicating. To help caregivers better understand the person, we offer guidance that they should be aware of and can put to good use while dealing with them. For instance, it will include details about the individual, such as  likes and dislikes, their history and hobbies, and suggestions for caregivers to use while speaking to them. Additionally, it will include ideas for activities that the people enjoy doing.

dementia care services

A care plan will deal with one or all of the following areas, depending on the specifics of the situation:


  • History
  • Communication Mobility
  • Orientation or Cognition
  • Orientation or Cognition Patterns of Toileting and Eating
  • Support for the Psychosocial and Behavioural Needs of Caregivers
  • Various Forms of Entertainment and Relaxation

Detailed descriptions of current functioning, priorities, and difficulties, expected goals and results, the relevant discipline, what treatments are scheduled, what services are given, and when each goal is expected to be completed are included in these sections. The personalised care plan will help caregivers understand what is expected of them when they deal with this patient.

Costs and Funding

At Ready Care, costs for care begin at:

-£24 per hour


It is essential to note that everyone’s circumstance is unique and that we quote live-in care packages based on your particular requirements. If you would like to arrange for a personalised quote for yourself or a loved one, the best thing to do would be to give us a call today. One of our pleasant customer care specialists will be able to discuss your care requirements and provide a price.



Your loved one may qualify for help through their local authority. Your loved one will be required to complete a care needs assessment, and then their financial condition will be discussed during a formal financial evaluation to ensure that they have access to all possible forms of assistance. The local authority may elect to partially cover the cost of care, but this source of funds can still make a substantial difference.

Fully Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

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You can rest assured that your care has been approved by the governing organisation for social care.
An independent body regulates our services, and our practices are routinely assessed and monitored.

Care Quality Commission (CQC)