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Make These 4 Preparations Before Hiring a Professional Live-in Caregiver

Are you interested in hiring a professional live-in caregiver for your elderly loved one? If so, you have already finished the first step. Determining your senior needs professional caregiving services is the first step to hiring a professional caregiver. 

However, you must ensure the live-in caregiver and your elderly loved one can assimilate and collaborate effectively. Hence, you need to make some preparations. 

Prepare Your Elderly Loved One

Before you bring a professional live-in caregiver into your home, you need to mentally prepare the elderly loved one. And the best way to do so is by having an open conversation with them. 

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It will be tough to convince the elderly to have a professional live-in caregiver at home to help them with several tasks. But you must do it as soon as you can. If you want more tips on how to handle this conversation, you can read our previous blog detailing the 5 tips to prepare your elderly loved one.

One of the best ways to convince a senior to hire a professional live-in caregiver is to involve them while finding a home care agency Nottingham. This way they can ask all the critical questions to be mentally prepared for having a professional live-in caregiver help them out daily. 

Prepare Your Home for Live-In Caregiver

Once you have convinced your elderly loved one to hire a live-in caregiver, you must now prepare your home for the same. Whether the elderly loved one stays with you or separately in a flat, you need to make some preparations. 

prepare home for caregiver
  • Room: Since the live-in caregiver will stay at the house for 24 hours, they must have a room equipped with basic amenities. The room must be clean and must have important items such as a mattress, bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, chair, armchair, and maybe a few decorative items to lighten up the room. 
  • Wi-Fi: In today’s digital, everyone needs access to the Internet. Hence, you must arrange for wi-fi facilities in the house where the live-in caregiver will stay. This will help the caregiver to have a comfortable stay and make sure to bring in the best medical resources for the senior in case of accidents. 
  • Bathroom and Kitchen: When you hire a live-in caregiver, they will provide overnight home care for the elderly too. In this case, they must have easy access to the bathroom and kitchen. These spaces must always be clean and must have the required essentials. Don’t forget to install a few kitchen appliances such as pots, pans, and more to make the work of the caregiver easy and fast. 

Prepare Financially for Professional Live-in Caregiver

You must also prepare financially when you hire a professional live-in caregiver. The average costs of hiring a caregiver are around £2000- £2700 every month. You must keep separate money for every month. 

prepare financially

You don’t want to come to a point where the elderly and professional live-in caregivers have to part ways due to low finances. As much as it would have been difficult to convince your elderly to hire a professional caregiver, it will be even more difficult when they have part ways due to financial constraints. 

Gather Required Information for Professional Live-In Caregiver

Before the caregiver arrives at your home to assist the senior, you need to gather all the critical information to provide the caregiver. This must include information regarding the house rules, the medical condition of the senior, all the medication to be given, any allergies, dietary requirements, emergency contact including your contact, numbers for doctors and nearest hospitals, and more such important information. 

Bottom Line

Hiring a professional live-in caregiver is a brilliant option to help your senior have a comfortable life. However, you must prepare different aspects of your home to bring the live-in caregiver. 

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