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Professional Live-in Caregiver: How Can They Help During Post-Operative Care?

Is your elderly loved one undergoing a crucial surgery in a few weeks? If so, you all might be emotionally overwhelmed thinking about the success of the surgery and your loved one returning home healthy with vitality. 

Now, if you are like most people, you might think the success of the surgery will depend entirely on the procedure performed by the surgeons. However, this might not be entirely true! As much as it is critical for the surgical procedure to be successful, you also need to provide post-operative care effectively. 

Surgery is physically and emotionally overwhelming for young people. Just imagine how difficult it would be for your elderly loved one. Hence, you must make arrangements to provide effective post-operative care. And you can take help from a professional live-in caregiver hired through domiciliary care services

A professional live-in caregiver can greatly assist you in taking care of your elderly loved one after major surgery. In this blog post, we will understand what post-operative care is and how a professional live-in caregiver can help you. 

Post-operative Care: What is it?

As it says in the name, post-operative care includes care given after surgery. Post-operative care starts immediately after the surgery. Even if your elderly loved one is going to spend some time recovering in the hospital, they must get post-operative care. In the hospital, the staff will take care of it. However, once discharged, a professional live-in caregiver must provide post-operative care. 

Post-Operative Care

Different types of post-operative care services depend on several factors such as the type of surgery, co-morbidities, current physical health, and senior’s health history. The doctor will inform all the necessary details, such as the possible side effects and any post-surgical complications. This information must be transferred to the professional live-in caregiver hired by you. Moreover, the professional caregiver must be informed about any diet restrictions, the right medications to be taken along with administering times, the amount of physical activity for the senior, and more.

Professional Live-in Caregiver: How Can They Help?

The surgical procedure will take a physical and mental toll on your elderly loved one. Their body has already reduced capacity to recover from the major shock. However, with the right care, you can reduce physical and mental stress. Hiring a professional live-in caregiver will greatly help you. Here’s how it can benefit you. 

  • Recovery nursing

A professional live-in caregiver from a home care agency Nottingham can assist you in providing the right recovery nursing care. Just make sure the caregiver has completed all the required certifications and courses to provide recovery nursing care. 

This service will include recovery nursing care, dressings, wound care, giving insulin and other important medications, giving injections, and more. 

  • Help with daily chores
Post-Operative Care

Surgery can make your elderly loved one weak. It can also restrict their movement, such as going to the toilet or making their meals. A professional live-in caregiver can help them with daily chores. They can help them move around the house, go to the toilet, bring groceries and cook meals for them. A professional caregiver will also help them maintain personal hygiene and help them go to their medical appointments effectively. 

Assistance in these daily tasks will greatly improve the health of your elderly loved one after surgery. 

  • Mental support

There are several studies indicating mental support as one of the major factors in post-operative recovery. Good mental health allows the body to speed up the healing process. Hence, you shouldn’t overlook this aspect. 

A professional caregiver will provide the required mental support to the recovering elderly. They can provide them with a helping hand and companionship during post-operative care. 

Bottom Line

The post-operative period can be mentally and physically challenging for the elderly loved one. Hence, hiring a professional live-in caregiver from leading home care agencies in Nottingham will greatly benefit during post-operative phase. 

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